Annual Travel Insurance

Underwritten by Antares at Lloyd’s.

Lloyd’s is the worlds specialist insurance market. Also known as Lloyd’s of London; it is a market where members join together as syndicates to insure risks.

With expertise earned over centuries, Lloyds is the foundation of the insurance industry and the future of it. Led by expert underwriters and brokers who cover more than 200 territories, the Lloyds market develops the essential, complex and critical insurance needed to underwrite human progress.

  • Available Cover Options/Destinations

    Area of TravelOptions
    Europe onlyWith or without baggage cover
    Worldwide – excluding USA/CanadaWith or without baggage cover
    Worldwide – including USA/CanadaWith or without baggage cover

    Insured Persons

    Options availableCover provided for
    Individual AdultAn individual person aged 18 to 75 years
    Couple2 adults aged 18 to 75 years in a relationship, living together
    Family Cover2 adults in a relationship and all dependent children or grandchildren under the age of 18 years or 23 years if in full time education.

    Maximum Trip Duration

    Options availableCover details
    60 daysCover is provided for the period of insurance provided no individual trip lasts longer than the chosen Maximum Trip Duration. If the trip is not completed within the Maximum Trip Duration due to circumstances outside of the insureds control, cover will continue for a maximum of 30 days at no addition premium.
    90 days

    Cover Limits

    Policy SectionStandard Policy Limits
    Section 1 – Cancellation & Disruption£5,000
    Missed Departure£500
    Travel Delay£20 for the first 12 hours – Maximum £100
    Alteration of Itinerary£1,500
    Medical, Repatriation and Other Expenses£10,000,000
    Hospital Inconvenience£25 per day – Maximum £1,500
    Funeral Expenses£5,000
    Personal Accident

    1. Accidental Death
    2. Loss of one limb or one eye
    3. Loss of two limbs or both eyes or one limb and one eye
    4. Permanent Total Disablement
    Section 4 – Baggage and Personal Effects (Optional Extra)£2,000
    Any one item£300
    Delayed Baggage£400
    Section 5 – Money Travel Documents and Credit Cards£300
    Section 6 – Legal Expenses£30,000
    Personal Liability£2,000,000
    Section 7 – Hi-jack and kidnap£30 per day – Maximum £500
    Section 8 – Mugging benefit£200
    Section 9 – Scheduled Airline Failure£1,500

    Standard Policy Excess Amounts

    Policy SectionExcess Amount
    Standard Policy Excess (Section 1,2 4& 5)£75
    Section 6 – Legal Expenses and Personal Injury£100
    Section 9 – Scheduled Airline Failure£50
    Section 3, 7 & 8Nil

    Over 65 Policy Excess Amounts

    Policy SectionEuropeWorldwide Excluding USA/CanadaWorldwide Including USA/Canada
    Section 1 – Cancellation & Disruption£100£200£300
    Section 2 – Medical, Repatriation & Other Expenses£100£150£250
    For all other policy sections the excess for over 65’s is as per the standard policy excess amounts table above.

  • Claims Procedures – How to Make a Claim

    Medical Assistance Notification
    In the event of Illness or Injury during Your Trip which results in You needing hospitalisation or emergency medical treatment, You must notify Our Medical Assistance company, CEGA Group on:

    Telephone: 01243 621113

    For all other claims, You should notify Your claim as soon as practicable but no later than ninety (90) days after an Injury to Our Claims Administrator, at the following address:

    Roger Rich & Co
    2a Marston House, Cromwell Park
    Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
    OX7 5SR

    Telephone: 01608 641351
    Fax: 01608 641176

    Our Claims Administrator will promptly send You a Claim Form once contact is made. If You encounter any issues with this process, You should contact Your Insurance Intermediary who sold You this Policy (whose contact details will appear on their correspondence sent to You).

    Your Insurance Intermediary will be able to assist You with making the claim and any further issues that may arise. 

  • Cavere Insurance is a product provider and we do not sell directly to the public. If you contact us we can put you in touch with a registered broker that covers your area who will be able to provide you with a quote for one of our products.

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  • Brexit Travel Insurance FAQs

    The UK is scheduled to leave the EU by 31st October 2019. If it does so on a no-deal basis, then travel to and from the UK could be affected. However, we don’t know what the full impact will be yet, with or without a deal. There could be delays at the borders, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may not be valid, and entry requirements to EU countries may change.

    If you make a claim, then, under the terms of your travel insurance policy, the sections that may be relevant are the Missed Departure, Delay, Travel Disruption, and Medical Expenses sections.

    These FAQs should help to give you some reassurance. We’re monitoring the situation closely, and of course we’re here to help. Contact our team on 01904 476096 or email

    If I need to make a claim, will I be ‘covered for Brexit’?

    If Brexit causes disruption to travel arrangements, then it’s the airlines and travel companies that take primary responsibility for offering alternative transport or refunds. In the first instance, you should always contact your travel providers first.

    I don’t want to go to Europe now; can I cancel my trip and make a claim?

    Cancellation cover is for specific reasons only. Those reasons don’t include making a decision not to travel.

    Will my travel insurance still be valid in the EU, after we leave the EU?

    Yes, your travel insurance will still be valid. Your cover will be the same and you’ll get exactly the same levels of service and care if you need emergency medical treatment while you’re in an EU country.

    What happens if long queues cause me a problem?

    Missed Departure cover only applies in certain circumstances leading to you arriving at an international or final departure point too late to board your booked transport. The circumstances don’t include being delayed because of long queues. As longer queues are expected, you should make sure you take potential delays into account and leave enough time in your travel plans.

    But what happens if my transport is delayed or cancelled?

    The Delay section under the policy provides cover if your transport (for your outward or return journey) is delayed or cancelled for reasons which you or the tour operator can’t control. You will get either £20 per 12 hours of the delay, or up to £5,000 (for travel and accommodation costs only) for cancellation as covered by the policy.

    If you have to make alternative arrangements to reach your destinations, and/or you have to make alternative accommodation arrangements at any point during the period of insurance, then, after a 12-hour delay you can also claim for the cost of additional travel expenses and extra accommodation (room only) expenses up to £1,500.

    Please remember – if there’s a problem with your travel, then you should contact and follow the recommendations of your transport provider as a first port of call.

    If I need medical treatment while I’m overseas, can I still use my EHICs?

    No. If the UK leaves the EU on 31st October 2019 without a deal, then it’s quite likely the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will no longer be valid. This is why it’s so important to have appropriate travel insurance in place. If the EHIC is no longer valid, you will have to pay an excess of £75 on each medical expense claim. (£100 if over 65)

    If the EHIC will no longer be valid, will we go back to the E111?

    They’re the same thing. The E111 became the EHIC in 2006. If there’s a no-deal Brexit, there may be no equivalent or alternative to the EHIC. The only way for travellers to ensure that they are protected against costs for medical treatment is to take out travel insurance.

    Can I still get compensation from my airlines if flights are delayed or cancelled?

    According to the CAA, the rights to compensation under the EU Flight Compensation Regulation will continue to apply to passengers departing from the United Kingdom to an airport situated in the territory of an EU member state, as long as the airline has an operating licence granted by an EU member state. You can find out more about your rights and how to make a claim on the CAA website:

    Will my passport still be valid, after we leave the EU? And will I need a Visa?

    If you are travelling after 31st October (or when we leave, if earlier), then the government is recommending that UK travellers have at least six months left on their passports from the date of arrival in an EU country.

    If a 10-year adult passport was renewed before it expired, extra months may have been added, which won’t count towards the required six months remaining.

    You may want to renew your passport sooner rather than later, to make sure you have them in time for your holiday or travel plans.

    For Visas – The European Commission has confirmed that from 2021, UK citizens would have to pay €7 for a travel permit, as part of the European Travel Information and Authorisation Scheme (ETIAS). Travellers will register their details and pay the fee in advance of travel (at least 72 hours before departure is advised), to obtain ETIAS authorisation.

    If I get stranded abroad beyond a scheduled return date, will my policy still provide cover?

    We will extend the period of insurance by up to 30 days, at no extra cost, if you have to stay overseas due to events over which you have no control.


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