Lifestyle Protection Insurance

Underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Great Lakes Insurance the Cavere Lifestyle Protection product is designed to provide short term protection in the event of accidental death, accident, sickness or unemployment.

Great Lakes Insurance SE is a German insurance company with a strong financial rating. It is a fully owned subsidiary of the Munich RE Group which is one of the world’s largest insurers and has offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.


  • Eligibility

    Clients are eligible for cover if on the start date of the policy they: Clients are not eligible for cover if on the start date they:
    Are aged over 18 and under 64 Are aware of any impending unemployment which may affect them
    Have been working and residing in the United Kingdom continuously for the last 6 months Are aware of any circumstances which may result in them becoming a full time carer
    Are in casual, seasonal or temporary work
    Are working less than 16 hours per week
    Are currently unable to attend work due to accident, sickness , fracture or hospitalisation.

    Cover Options

    Cover Options
    Accidental Death, Accident, Sickness, Hospitalisation, Fracture, Unemployment and Full-time Carer Cover
    Accidental Death, Accident, Sickness, Hospitalisation and Fracture Cover

    Cover Limits

    Cover Limit
    Maximum Monthly Benefit – Accident, Sickness, Unemployment From £300 up to a maximum of £2,500 or 65% of normal gross income whichever is the lesser
    Maximum Benefit Period – Accident, Sickness, Unemployment 12 months per claim period
    Accidental Death If the insured is involved in an accident which results in their death we will pay their estate £10,000.
    Hospitalisation £25 per 24 consecutive hours the insured is an in-patient in hospital, up to a maximum benefit of £500
    Fracture If the insured breaks a bone in their body, other than a finger, toe or their nose, they will be paid a single benefit of £1,500
    Cover can remain in place until the insureds 70th birthday provided that they remain eligible for cover, however after their 65th birthday only half the benefit amount will be paid in the event of a claim.

    Main Exclusions

    Cover Section Exclusion
    Accident & Sickness No benefit will be payable if the client is unable to work due to:

    • Deliberate injury, alcohol, solvent abuse or drugs; or
    • Any condition where you sought medical treatment within 12 months before the start date; or
    • Stress, anxiety or depression unless a consultant psychiatrist certifies the condition prevents you from working; or
    • Back conditions unless there is radiological evidence of medical abnormality, visible wound or contusion or a hospital consultant certifies that this condition prevents you from working; or
    • Pregnancy, childbirth or abortion, other than a medical complication; or
    • Medical operations or treatments which are not medically necessary including cosmetic beauty treatments.
    Unemployment & Full-time carer No benefit will be payable if the client:

    • has not been working continuously for the 6 months prior to the policy start date; or
    • has been notified or is aware of the possibility of unemployment or the need to become a full-time carer at the policy start date; or
    • is notified or aware of unemployment or the need to become a full-time carer within the first 120 days of the start date of the policy; or
    • is employed in casual, seasonal or temporary work or work less than 16 hours per week; or
    • becomes unemployed due to voluntary redundancy, resignation or retirement;
    • is working outside the UK for 90 days or more (unless they are in the armed forces or working as a civil servant in a British Consulate); or
    • is made unemployed from a business where they control the affairs of the business because they or a relative or member of their household individually or jointly holds shares of 20% or more; or
    • Refuses any reasonable alternative employment by their employer.

    Please refer to the policy booklet for full details of all benefits and exclusions under this policy.

  • For Policy Claims please call 01285 626020

    How to Make Claim

    You must give us notice of a claim by telephoning the claims administrator:
    Telephone: 01285 626020
    Trent-Services (Administration) Limited
    Trent House
    Love Lane
    GL7 1XD

    You should do so as soon as reasonably possible and within 30 days of an event occurring which may give rise to a claim. We will send you the claim forms. You will need to complete these and return them to us as soon as possible, giving us all the information we ask for to enable us to process your claim. This should include at least details of your wage slips, termination notice and P45 or, if self employed, bank statements, invoices and annual accounts, Inland Revenue and National Insurance records, doctor and consultant reports and medical records. You will be responsible for providing us with the proof we need. Delay in submitting a claim to us may make your claim harder to confirm and lead to delay in making payment or result in the non payment of your claim.

  • Cavere Insurance is a product provider and we do not sell directly to the public. If you contact us we can put you in touch with a registered broker that covers your area who will be able to provide you with a quote for one of our products.

    Click here and complete a call back form and someone will contact you.

  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment  policies– COVID-19

    As the number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK and across Europe continue to increase, we, together with our Insurers, are monitoring events closely and in line with Government guidance.

    In light of these uncertain times we have put together some clarifications regarding our Accident Sickness and Unemployment policies for both administration and claims


    In the event you are signed off as sick by your GP or doctor for longer than your policy excess or waiting period due to the Coronavirus, your claim will be assessed.


    In the event you are required by your employer or you are medically advised to self-isolate, these claims will be outside of the normal policy terms and conditions and therefore as standard would not be covered.


    In the event you are made redundant by your employer, you will be able to claim as per the normal policy terms and conditions.  However please note that in the event your employer asks you to accept reduced pay or temporarily lays you off, you would not be able to claim for unemployment benefit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I claim if someone in my household is showing signs or symptoms?

    No regretfully not

    Can I claim if I am caring for someone who is showing signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus?

    No regretfully not

    Can I claim if my company is in lock-down or I am sent home?

    No, you will only be covered if you are made redundant.

    Can I change my Excess or Cover during the COVID-19 outbreak?

    No changes or midterm adjustments can be made during this period, unless it is a change of

    Name, address or bank details.

    Can you post my Claim Form?

    During the Covid-19 period, whilst the claims offices are open, you can request by post.  However,

    if their offices are closed and they are working from home, it will only be possible to send by email.

    Will my direct debit still be collected?

    Yes, all normal services will be covered, including claims payments, but please allow more time than normal for payments to reach your account.

Product Downloads

  • Policy Wording

    A PDF copy of your full policy terms & conditions

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  • Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

    A PDF summary of the policy features

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