Personal Accident Insurance

Underwritten by Lloyd’s.

Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance market. Also known as Lloyd’s of London; it is a market where members join together as syndicates to insure risks.

With expertise earned over centuries, Lloyd’s is the foundation of the insurance industry and the future of it. Led by expert underwriters and brokers who cover more than 200 territories, the Lloyd’s market develops the essential, complex and critical insurance needed to underwrite human progress.

Backed by diverse global capital and excellent financial ratings, Lloyd’s works with a global network to grow the insured world – building resilience for businesses and local communities and strengthening economic growth around the world.


    The policies are underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s.

    Covers if the policyholder sustains an injury during the policy term, which within 24 month’s results in:

    1. Death or disablement or the incurring of medical expenses
    2. Death or disablement due to exposure to severe weather (unavoidable exposure only)
    3. Disappearance where it is presumed that the policyholder has died and the cause is injury
    4. Fracture of certain bones (list below)

    Eligibility Criteria

    Clients are eligible for cover if on the start date of the policy they are aged under 65 (however fracture cover is limited to those under 60)

    Clients are not eligible for cover if on the start date of the policy they:
    Have any defect of sight, hearing or other senses and faculties
    Any defect or infirmity which needed treatment or medical advice in the last 24 months or may require this in the future
    Have suffered from any mental, nervous, depressive or stress related condition

    Sum Insured for death or disablement

    Causes Covered Standard Policy Limit
    Death £10,000
    Funeral & Repatriation Expenses N/A
    Loss of One Limb £10,000
    Loss Two or More Limbs £10,000
    Loss of Sight in One Eye £10,000
    Loss of Sight in Both Eyes £10,000
    Loss of One Limb and Loss of Sight in One Eye £10,000
    Permanent Total Disablement £10,000

    Sum Insured for fracture

    Causes Covered Standard Policy Limit
    Skull (open fracture) £2000
    Skull (closed fracture) £1000
    Cheekbone £900
    Jaw £900
    Collarbone £600
    Shoulder blade £900
    Sternum £900
    Arm £1000
    Ribs £600
    Vertebra £900
    Pelvis £1000
    Wrist £900
    Hand £900
    Upper Leg £2000
    Knee £2000
    Lower Leg £1000
    Ankle £1000
    Foot £900

    Main exclusions

    • War and Terrorism
    • Flying other than as a passenger
    • Weapons of mass destruction
    • Nuclear or radioactive contamination
    • Professional Sports
    • Armed Forces operational duties
    • Osteoporosis diagnosed prior to the fracture
  • Claims Procedure
    In the event of an occurrence liable to give rise to a claim under this Policy, it is a condition before our liability that you shall give notice to us in writing as soon as possible after the date of the occurrence and in any event within ninety (90) days. Such notice shall include full particulars of the occurrence.

    Claims Correspondence and Notification
    You should in the first instance contact Roger Rich & Co at the following address;
    2a Marston House,
    Cromwell Park,
    Chipping Norton,
    OX7 5SR
    Telephone : +44 (0) 1608 641351
    Fax : +44 (0) 1608 641176

    A claim form will be sent once contact is made.

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