Landlords Let Property Insurance

Underwritten by Ageas, the Cavere Landlords let Property product is designed to cover residential let properties.

Ageas is an international insurance group ranked among the top 20 insurance companies in Europe, with key markets in Europe and Asia, and a heritage spanning more than 190 years.

  • Buildings Cover Limits

    Cover Standard Policy Limit
    Minimum sum insured £75,000
    Maximum Sum insured £750,000
    Increased metered water charges £750
    Loss of rent/ or other costs of alternative accomodation 20% of buildings sum insured for losses incurred in a 12 month period
    Trace & access cover £5,000

     Landlords Contents Cover Limits

    Cover Standard Policy Limit
    Minimum sum insured £5,000
    Maximum Sum insured £50,000
    Cost of alternative accomodation 20% of contents sum insured
    Trace & access cover £5,000
    Legal Liability to the public £2,000,000

    Optional Cover Extensions

    Cover Standard Policy Limit
    Landlords legal Liability £2,000,000 – option to increase to £5,000,000
    Landlords legal Expenses cover £50,000
    Rent arrears indemnity option Up to £2,500 per month

    Standard Policy Excess Amounts

    Cause Excess Amount
    Standard Policy Excess £200
    Escape Of Water £1,000
    Subsidence, heave or Landslip claims £1,000
    Tenant type: Housing association or Asylum seeker £250
  • For Policy claims please call 0344 412 4180

    How to make a claim
    Claims procedure and conditions
    Applicable to all sections of this policy
    If you do need to make a claim under this policy you must do the following:

    • Provide us with full details of your claim as soon as possible after the event and always within 30 days.
    • Immediately notify the police following loss or damage by theft, attempted theft, malicious damage,violent disorder, riots or civil commotion and obtain the Crime Reference Number.
    • Take all steps necessary to reduce further loss, damage or injury.
    • Provide us with all information and evidence, including written estimates and proof of ownership and that we may request.
    • Do not under any circumstances effect full repairs without our prior consent.
    • Do not under any circumstances admit, negotiate or settle any claim without our permission in writing.

    On receipt of a notification of a claim we may do the following:

    • Enter any building following loss or damage.
    • Negotiate, defend or settle any claim made against you.
    • Prosecute in your name for our benefit any other person in respect of any claim we may have to pay.
    • Appoint a loss adjuster to handle the claim on our behalf.
    • Arrange to repair the damage to the building and handle any salvage appropriately.

    You must not:

    • Throw away, get rid of or destroy items that are damaged until we say so;
    • admit or deny responsibility for any incident; or
    • negotiate or settle any claims made against you by anyone else, unless we agree in writing that you can.
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Product Downloads

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