Motorcycle GAP Insurance (Mapfre)

Underwritten by MAPFRE, the Cavere Motorcycle Guaranteed Asset Protection product (GAP) is designed to pay the difference between the Motor Insurance Settlement and the Net Invoice Price of the Insured motorcycle, or; the difference between the Motor Insurance Settlement and the Finance Early Settlement Balance payable to the Finance Company at the Date of Loss, whichever is the greater.

Mapfre are the third largest insurance group in Latin America and the leading company in non-life insurance across the region. They are also the eleventh biggest insurer in Europe and rank among the top 20 insurers in auto insurance in the United States.

  • Eligibility

    Clients are eligible for cover providing that throughout the policy they:
    Are a permanent resident of the United Kingdom
    Are the registered keeper and/or owner of the insured motorcycle or the insured motorcycle is financed on your behalf
    Hold a current valid United Kingdom driving licence or hold a full internationally recognised driving licence that is valid for use in the United Kingdom
    Are not a motor trader, garage or associated company, or the proprietor(s) of such motor trader or garage, or an employee or a direct relative of such proprietor(s)
    The motorcycle to be insured must:

    • Be covered by a motorcycle insurance policy throughout the period of cover
    • Be purchased from a VAT registered dealer, not purchased via a private sale
    • Be listed in Glass’s Guide
    • Be principally used within the United Kingdom
    • Not have previously been written off or have been the subject of a total loss occurring before the start date

    Main Exclusions
    This policy will not provide cover for:

    • Any motorcycle with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes or above
    • Any motorcycle if it is insured on any type of motor trade insurance policy
    • Any motorcycle used at any time in a public service capacity, such as Military, Police or Ambulance motorcycle
    • Any motorcycle used at any time for hire and reward; courier or delivery services, or for the carriage of passengers, including but not limited to taxi services and private hire. For the purposes of this insurance policy, riding school motorcycles or motorcycles used for riding instruction purposes are covered, provided the insured motorcycle complies with this policy’s Eligibility criteria throughout the period of cover
    • Any motorcycle used at any time for any type of competition or rally; racing; any type of track day; off road; speed testing; pacemaking; or reliability trials
    • Quad bikes; scooters; tricycles; sidecars and any off-road motorcycles, or any motorcycle produced by a specialist manufacturer
    • Any motorcycle that has been modified other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
    • Any imported motorcycle unless purchased from an authorised United Kingdom distributor

    Please refer to the policy booklet for full details of all benefits and exclusions under this policy.

  • For Policy claims please call 0330 4001657

    How To Make A Claim

    Coronavirus update
    We are informed by the insurer that due to the current situation all their claims handlers are working from home. This is causing some delays in the processing of claims and they apologise for any inconvenience. Remote workers do not have access to normal exchange phone lines and as such they cannot currently be contacted by phone.
    In order to register a claim the insurer is requesting that you only use the online claims portal.
    Thank you for your support.

    In the event of a claim please contact the Claims Administrator and have Your Certificate of Insurance and motorcycle registration number to hand.
    By telephone: 0330 400 1657
    By e-mail:

    IMPORTANT: You must contact the Claims Administrator prior to accepting any Motor Insurance Settlement.

    The Claims Administrator will register the details of Your claim and send a claim form to You. You will need to sign this and provide the following information/documentation:

    • Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy certificate and schedule
    • The Motor Insurance Settlement letter
    • The original purchase invoice for the Insured Motorcycle
    • A copy of the Finance Agreement and the Finance Early Settlement Balance from the Finance Company
    • A copy of the Insured Rider’s driving licence, if applicable
    • Photos of the damage to Your Optional Extras, if applicable

    You will need to return the completed claim form and supporting documentation to the Claims Administrator:
    In writing: Abraxas Insurance Administration Services Ltd, 1 Victoria Street, Bristol Bridge, Bristol, BS1 6AA, or;
    By e-mail:

    If the information above is not given to the Claims Administrator within 30 calendar days of opening a claim, then unless the Claims Administrator agrees an extension, or other exceptional circumstances apply, Your claim may not be paid.

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Product Downloads

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  • Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

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